Mr. Bighead

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Mr. Bighead:

Jonathan Adler - drums

Kevin Donahue - keyboards/ guitar/ vocals

Bill Fink - bass/vocals

  "When I first saw the name of this band, I knew I was stepping into either some weird music or a straight out madness of instruments. I found the madness and it smells funky. This band, proudly named after an angry neighbor from a beloved nineties cartoon, has some very unique and original ideas sprayed out as if it’s coming out of a beaten can of paint. As a whole unit, they throw up a show of funkiness in a freestyling and noisy manner. The drums are tuned into the key of pound the hell out of them. The keyboard lays down notes that seem like they are falling down like rain. The bass is downright funk. It’s a ballroom on every upper imaginable. It’s like elevator music for the paranoid. This band should be a constant reminder that there are still talented musicians out there. Every musician knows how to play their instrument and they play like crazed painters. You have to check out this band. If you love funk infused with the ecstatic of rock, you will love what this band is doing." 

-The Musical Junkie